The Landscape Institute Awards 2016

The Landscape Institute Awards 2016


Wed Sistemi at Expo 2015

Wed Sistemi

at Expo 2015
"The Waterstone"

Fountains and watergames

The endless forms of water

Wed Performing Waterworks

Arts, entertainment and aesthetics of the fluids

Fountains and water games

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Fountains, Watergames, Lighting,
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Performing Water Works

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Fountains and water features are an essential element of charm and timeless wonder.
WED Sistemi can breathe new life into the ancient tradition which pictures the water as a symbol, in bundle with technology and modern style, so it can come up with fascinating fountains and water games which can be main events in squares, parks, indoor locations.

Innovation and research

WED Systems is constantly looking for new technologies able to guarantee charm and wonder in the context of the fountains, water games and outdoor lighting.
Thanks to the use of specific software and collaboration with the architectural studies, Wed Systems is able to offer the customer a realistic simulation of the technology used in the fountain and environmental impacts prior to its implementation truly all-embracing.


With many experiences in Italy and abroad, we have learned to deal with situations and contexts different from time to time, always managing to find the most effective and functional.
Our fountains have a strong aesthetic and emotional impact, being able to capture people's attention and becoming a pole of attraction for a community. Our attention to detail - both aesthetic and constructive - and collaboration with well-known architects and designers, helped in the construction of fountains perfectly integrated with the environment and the surrounding architecture.


Wed Sistemi is used to abiding by all the safety and electrical standards, starting from the design basics up to the final test on the system and then over the maintenance operations.
All our mechanical components are made of genuine AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on custromer’s demand). Such a choice makes sure a way lower planned maintenance cycle. According to the customers needs we check into the construction progress up to the final test. We can also train the crew who is going to be in charge of the maintenance operations.

Browse our catalogue

To know more about our technologies, our systems and fountains, we decided to publish our online catalog of more than 200 pages, complete with detailed text and many photos of our fountains, from the design stage through to their implementation and activities.
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Environmental Sustainability

WED preliminary actions tend to define, depending on the complexity of the required system and the communication strategies, a path of eco-innovation which makes the environment and its protection be center stage. Go to page....

Contact us

WED Systems Srl provides architects, engineers, municipal engineers and those interested in the construction of fountains, the technical specifications of the products in the catalog. Request an appointment and discover the different solutions, the various types of fountains, lighting systems and our innovative technologies. Contact us.


WED fountains are decorative and street furniture elements, they become an unreplaceable component of the urban landscape in which they have been put up, charming people in a public o private venue and making it posher and delightful.


The strength and the charm water can play on people make any fountain attractive and valuable, a both symbolic and aesthetic element.

Scene Creator Electro
Nozzles for fountains
Remote controls
Ground fountains
Water walls
Water curtains
Jumping Jet
Environmental Sustainability
Scene Creator Scene Creator Elettro For watergames and dynamic fountains
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Scene Creator Elettro

It is the most suitable and efficient solution for dynamic watergames, no matter they are equipped with an only pump or hydraulic circuit.

Main features

  • Aisi 316 stainless steel
  • Ultrafast solenoid valve
Nozzles for fountains Nozzles for fountains Production
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Nozzles for fountains

Nozzles are the beating heart of our fountains and our watergames. Thanks to a wider and wider choice and a bit of customization over the research and development process, we can offer a number of scenographic and dynamic effects which increase any fountain’s value and its surroundings.

Main features

  • Aisi 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Vertical or orientable jets
  • Customizable
Remote controls Remote controls Magic sensibility brings to magic emotions.
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Remote controls

WED Visual Control is the new interactive system, thought and developed for the optimum management of any fountain, swimming pool or spa.

Main features

  • Adjust fountain’s settings and operations by using a handheld device (tabletPC or smartphone, Android or iOS)
  • Check out and schedule fountain’s operations
  • Check out energy performance and consumption.
  • Downtime operations reduced by 60%
Ground fountains Ground fountains Per piazze e luoghi pubblici
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Ground fountains

These fountains showcase a strong scenographic impact and they perfectly fit outdoor areas, both public and private.

Main features

  • The most outstanding feature of these fountains is the lack of a ground pond
  • The fountain can be full of water or empty
  • The system can feature multiple water games
  • There’s no device or mechanic component sticking out of the ground surface
Water walls Water walls A water film which runs off a vertical surface
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Water walls

Water walls can be suitable in any environment, and thanks to high-quality raw materials, they can be certified as “long-lasting”, very durable devices.

Main features

  • It can blossom new emotions and atmospheres
  • Water walls can be suitable in any environment
  • The scenographic outcome can be enriched with submersible WED white or multicolor LED light
Water curtains Water curtains To partition off outdoor and indoor rooms
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Water curtains

The most outstanding feature of this fountain is the feeling of a natural rain that gives off a bit of well-being and a cool atmosphere.

Main features

  • Exactly reproducing the fall of the rain
  • Water curtain can have different installations
  • The manifold also features an AISI 304 square-shaped construction
  • Strong scenographic impact.
Jumping Jet Jumping-Jet Strong impact
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WED jumping jet systes can be used in different and several rooms, such as acquatic parks, leisure and pedestrian areas, gardens, malls, hotels.

Main features

  • Strong visual and scenographic impact
  • Low-noise system
  • These water jets look like a transparent weapon or a plate glass knife
Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability LCC Analysis and ZLD System development

Environmental Sustainability

WED Engineering is carrying out a new philosophy oriented to a responsible and sustainable development.

Main features

  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC) Analysis
  • Environmental validation for any product
  • Sustainable management for water treatment (ZLD)
  • Energy savings


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